Affordable Used Cars for Sale in Colchester

Our used cars for sale in Colchester meet most people's desire for affordable price. Either you need a small, or a larger family car you can find the perfect one.

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Used Cars Are Used but NEW For You

Either you try to find used cars for sale Colchester or want to change the old one, what you will buy from us - will always be The New One for you. Enjoy your new car.

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We Focus On Serving Our Customers

Our focus is always our customer. We try to give you everything what you need, in order to make the right decision. Do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help.

View Our Used Cars For Sale in Colchester

Who We are...

LasCars is a small used car sales business based in Colchester Essex UK. If you looking to buy quality but cheap used cars for sale in Colchester have a look at ours and compare with most car dealership in Colchester and will see how cheaper we are than any other used car sales business in not only Colchester but Essex.
We sell used cars for affordable price to people who look for good quality but don't want to spend more than the real value of a car.

We are listening and working on adding more value.  Our customers can pay by Debit or Credit card as well. Home delivery are available. However we are a business, we try to keep our prices nearly to private selling prices. All of our cars are HPI clear and most of them come with 6 Months or more Warranty.

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Next Step...

First go and have a look at our cars, choose the perfect one for yourself, and contact us for more. If you are not sure which one is right ask us.  You can follow us and find our cars on Facebook , Instagram , TikTok and YouTube too.